Nomination Papers

Help me collect signatures from residents of the 32nd Senate District! In order for the signatures to count:

  • Everyone who signs needs to be a resident of the 32nd Senate District. I’ve listed municipalities in the district on the back of the nomination form if you have any questions.
  • Everyone who signs needs to be a qualified elector (at least 18 years old).
  • Make sure everyone fills it out completely! We need their name, address, municipality of residence, date, and signature. P.O. boxes are not valid.
  • You have to be physically present when people sign the form. You can’t leave it on a counter or a public bulletin board
  • Check to make sure it has been filled out completely, then complete the bottom portion of the form with your name, address, signature, and date. Even one, two or three signatures on the page will help. 

Mail completed forms back to my campaign at:

Kapanke for Senate

PO Box 2741

Madison, WI 53701


Most importantly, in order for me to submit these on time, I need you to return them by mail by May 25th at the absolute latest.