Strong Communities

Strong families are the key to strong communities. Families who care for each other, have opportunities to learn, and have jobs they enjoy while providing a good life are essential to tight-knit communities. Strong economies include families that are able to keep more of the money they earn. High taxes that send our communities’ hard-earned income straight to Madison are not the answer. There seems to be no limit to the number of new ideas thrown out by our elected officials. However, they seem to forget there is a limit to the amount of money we can pay in taxes.

Dan Kapanke has a proven record of putting western Wisconsin families first. Dan will continue his work to lower the tax burden on our families and small businesses, giving every family, every senior, and every individual the chance to keep more of the money they earn so they can afford to live in their own home.

Strong Economy

The men and women of Wisconsin are some of the best, most dedicated workers in the country. From the young people starting their first job to the men and women working in the diverse industries in our great state to the couple running their family business, the people of Wisconsin are the backbone of our economy.

Dan Kapanke has supported job training programs for people gaining the skills to advance in today’s economy. Dan knows the negative impact of government regulations dreamed up in Madison but never tested in the real world has on the small family business and our many industries. Additionally, Dan Kapanke knows every dollar that is sent through taxes to Madison is one less dollar that is spent in La Crosse, Viroqua, Westby, Prairie Du Chien and all of the towns and villages up and down western Wisconsin. He will work to lower that tax burden on each individual and be the best steward of every tax dollar you send.

Strong Infrastructure

Today’s strong communities need safe and reliable roads, bridges, and highways to keep our economy growing. Tax dollars intended for western Wisconsin infrastructure are an essential role of our government to keep our communities rolling. Today’s economy has adapted to rely not only on a concrete backbone, but also an electric one. High-speed Wi-Fi, which is especially needed in our rural communities, is not only essential in helping our small family businesses. Wi-Fi is also a crucial tool on our farms and agricultural businesses.

Dan Kapanke will continue to fight for our share of transportation dollars to keep our businesses growing and our economy moving forward. He will protect the transportation infrastructure we have and work to expand the connections between our communities. Dan understands the key role accessibility to high-speed internet plays in every town and village across Wisconsin. Access to the global economy is as important in De Soto, Gays Mills, and Cashton as it is in Madison and Milwaukee. Rural broadband grants that help build that access will remain a top priority for Dan Kapanke in the state Senate.